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Proudly supporting Bush Heritage Australia

"This desert country, pristine though it may seem to the untrained eye, is flogged by cattle, and whacked out of kilter by introduced species". - Robyn Davidson

Remote Projects are proud to announce our support of Bush Heritage Australia.

Bush Heritage Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that are responsible for the management and conservation of 11.3 million hectares of Australia.

This is achieved through land acquisition and partnerships with Aboriginal groups to help plan and deliver conservation outcomes on their lands.

Bush Heritage Australia is independent and informed by science - their purpose is to return the bush to good health "Healthy Country"Traditional Owners are consulated to ensure access, share knowledge about land management and to learn more about cultural values and sites that may be present.


When starting Remote Projects our goal was to participate in "projects" in remote areas, specifically in our own backyard. Now that we have proof of concept, we are pleased to have found an organisation that represents our values as a brand and pledge our long term support.

Our customers have an immense appreciation for the diverse ecosystem and land we call home, from the arid desert, the pristine coastlines, river systems and tropical rainforests. In addition to the land our customers respect and acknowledge the traditional owners and their deep knowledge as custodians for tens of thousands of years.

This is our commitment to help restore the land to her natural state future generations to enjoy.

Our Commitment

We pledge to donate $5 from every online sale. Edit 14 June 2022 - Due to an extremely challenging market in 2022 (floods, inflation, Covid), we have updated our donations to $2 from every sale from 14 June 2022 onwards. This will ensure we can support Bush Heritage for the long haul. Thanks for your support!

While this may seem like a grain of sand or drop in the ocean, we hope in the long term our impact will be significant as we grow.

- Ross

"Grains of sand
Monolithic Rocks
Raging seas
Of tiny drops
Grand we are
Yet meek we be
Tiny drop?
Or raging sea?" - Hayley Talbot, Yamba