Remote Projects products are proudly made in both India & Australia.

We are proud to work with a family owned business in India who are experts in Industrial textiles with over 50 years experience who share our vision to make quality canvas goods. 

Our close relationship with our manufacturer & shared vision helps us develop high quality products for our customers.

Our Oilskin 3X3 Tarp and Camp blankets are made in Australia.

Fabric & Materials

At Remote Projects we have always been a fan of quality fabrics. In 2014 I set off to the Andaman Islands, India with a surfboard a hammock & a military issued Australian made backpack. Inspired by it's functional longevity, the desire was born to build a brand using the same quality materials for everyday use.

Upon returning to Australia I couldn't stop thinking about this idea and ended up tracking down the original maker of the backpack, Roger Buckle who now makes fire safety equipment in Melbourne. It was this phone call that gave me a greater understanding of the different types of canvas fabric available.

We use a combination of waxed duck canvas for a heritage style aesthetic paired with 100% waterproof canvas, oilskin & industrial grade webbing and hardware. The buckles and fasteners in used in our Rugged Backpack are military grade & sourcing high quality materials is one of our primary principles in the design process along with utility.