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Malcolm Douglas - Remembering the Great Bushman, Film Maker and Conservationist 14/03/1941 – 23/09/2010

Malcolm Douglas was one of the first film makers to create outback adventure films in Australia. He had a deep connection with the Aboriginal people and documented their traditional life since the early 1960s.

Today marks 11 years since his sudden and tragic passing at his Wilderness Park 16 kilometres outside of Broome.

In 1964, 23-year-old Malcolm Douglas and his friend David Oldmeadow ditched their jobs as stock and station agents, bought a Land Rover and spent 12 weeks fitting out and buying equipment. Originally planned to be a 12 month trip the trip extended to 4 years around the most Remote and inaccessible regions in Australia.

Following this 4-year journey through Remote Australia, Malcolm Douglas turned the last 12 months of this adventure into his first documentary film "Across the Top". For the next 40 years he made numerous other documentaries and dedicated his life to environmental protection and conservation. 

Across The Top is a classic Australian adventure film that shows Aboriginal life in Arnhem Land and an incredible journey through the Gulf of Carpentaria and up Cape York.


Malcolm Douglas 14/03/1941 – 23/09/2010

Throughout his life Malcolm went on to produce more than 50 important documentaries that capture and celebrate the unique and remote Australian wilderness and important culture and way of life of Aboriginal people.

Walkabout With Malcolm Douglas (also known as In The Bush With Malcolm Douglas) is a 44-episode TV series where he explores Australia with his signature kelpie dog Boondie. The full list of films can be viewed here

The Last Of A Tribe 1976

Malcolm lives with Aboriginal elders of the Worora and Narinjin tribes at their bush camp in the remote Kimberley. Daily he films activities; collecting food, hunting and ceremonial life. An important film showing a culture rapidly changing.

Follow The Sun 1972)

A journey by lugger along the north-west coast and by 4WD vehicle into the rugged Kimberley. A classic adventure showing pearling, fishing, Aboriginal people and the rugged wilderness of the north west coast.

For a full list of Malcoms work head to

Douglas Family Statement at the time of his passing

"The Douglas family is grateful for the kind support and condolences offered by Malcolm's friends and colleagues.

"Malcolm was known to many as a bushman, film maker and conservationist. To us he was a loving father, husband, son, and brother.

"Malcolm was too young to die. He was still so full of life and dreams.

"Malcolm was driven by his love of the Australian bush and its wildlife. His work in supporting breading populations of endangered bilbies was the most recent example of his contribution to the preservation of Australia's fauna."